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2/3 Train Fulton Street to 96th Street, April 16, 2014
A professor of costume history and design, Chair of the Irene Sharaff and Robert LB Tobin Awards for costume and set design, and a children’s book writer, including The Mermaid Picnic. I was heading to and she was coming from class. The poem reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. We had a nice encounter. Who hasn’t had such a day?

Today – well this week is complicated.
Sunday is Easter,
but I forgot to order the flowers for
the table –
Because, I have to give an exam on
Saturday – and I have three –
no four meetings today
now can I remember to buy pretty ankle
socks for my niece, when I have to
remember to bring in my students’ grades,
projects, and my video camera, and to
get to the Hudson Theater by 10 –
and well it goes on.
I have to remember to order flowers,
Because Sunday is Easter and those
ankle socks, are really important.

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One Response to Because Sunday is Easter: Kitty L.

  1. AussieJim says:

    I hate to be pedantic but my reading of Kitty’s handwriting would suggest that line 8 begins with ‘how’ not ‘now’. Grammatically it make more sense – although we are talking about free verse so anything goes, I guess. Feel free to delete this comment if you make the correction. Love the concept of the site, by the way.

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