a small vehicle 2 train, Sept 4th, 2013
I asked. No response. Oh, he was wearing earplugs. Could he use a poem he wrote earlier in the week? Why not. He wrote this to feel better after a bad breakup. A teacher of ESL.

the vehicle travels forth not back
its divergence is sudden from track to track
a constant set of new destinations
will sometimes lead to its frustration

its metal grinds against the rail
as every foot roars in despair
it takes a breath when it tires
or when it sees something it admires

and from its break it’s hard to stop
as time is added to the clock
but when it starts they all do follow
and take the plunge into the hollow

and in this darkness the vehicle is lit
to guide its passengers through the abyss
arriving at their port of choice
they disembark to much rejoice

and once again it travels fast
harrowing through the tunnels pass
where it goes is still uncertain
but what is known is not a lesson

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