Poems by New Yorkers posting from the Long Trail / Appalachian in Vermont.
Little Rock Shelter, August 12th, 2014
Skippy is a lanky, youthful, very bright thru-hiker – an ultra-lighter – traveling with next to nothing. He sleeps in a hammock and travels with Southbound and Das Sloth. Together they seem like puppies, rolling and massaging their sore bodies. Very nice shelter companions on my first night out with my section-hike buddy Debbie. I wish them a joyous trip to Mount Katahdin.

It’s not just a journey in
introspection. It’s also a
cultural journey and a social
journey. It is an extension
of society. A simpler version
of our perpetual quest for
meaning and validation. One
that is framed, not by
the mundane conditions of
everyday life but by nature
and silent wisdom.

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