i made up a word--

1 train, February 18th, 2014
I recited Ava’s poem Spushcacao to inspire Athena. She needed a little time to think, so her dad promised to send it over the next hour. I was amazed at how she had ┬áremembered and processed Ava’s poem, and made a perplexing version of her own.

I made up a word that is far beyond crazy.
It dies up on sand and land.
Who knows what this word could be?
It’s a mystery

Read a poem by Aaron A.

One Response to I Made Up a Word: Athena G.

  1. Mimi Stahl says:

    My dear Athena,
    I am so happy to see that you’re still offering me challenges and I love a mystery. Keep writing. Who knows where it might take thee. Thanks so much and love from your Mimi Xoxox

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