Life is Nothing But Moments and Feelings_--

R Train, Court Street to 25th Street Station, July 24, 2014
On my way at night to my best friend Sheri’s story-telling at Green-wood Cemetery, hosted by The Moth. Joell is busking on the train, reciting one of his poems. He’s got a guitar on his back and he sounds good. A shoo-in! I give him a dollar (for his poem, not for this one) and ask him to return. Yes! We by-pass both of our stations, head back uptown, get a fun picture of him next to the mosaic, film a recitation, chat and part ways. A graduate of LaGuardia High School, he was a dancer in Stomp for five years and musical director of the drum line for the New York Knicks. He’s a poet and is currently working on his acting chops at Poetic Theater Productions. Take a look at him recite below:

Life is nothing but moments and
Each moment matters
Each feeling counts
Time is an illusion constructed
by man and produced by fear
Enjoy every second, every minute,
every hour every year.
Feel what’s in your soul and let it
express who you are
I am that I am
And that’s what makes us all
Not balls of gas that simply shine
but a being, a spirit, a soul
The light.

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2 Responses to Life is Nothing But Moments and Feelings: Joell J.

  1. Troi Irving says:

    Wow… This is such a great poem I’m sure many can relate to it and were touched by this. I definitely was. My favorite line “I am what I am!”

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