The Illest Rhyme---

A Train, West 4th to High Street Station, March 11th, 2014
A crowded platform. I was drawn to the skateboarder. It wasn’t an easy move. He was wearing headphones and there were people nearby. What did I have to lose? He answered yes like he had been expecting me. Does he know that such ease is not the norm? What makes someone able to agree without blinking an eye? Look at the handwriting and the sense of humor (I hope it is your big break). A musician, songwriter and screenwriter, writer/producer of a new Web series, in a new band, works at & @urbanartbeat, a non-profit that connects artists & educators with musical youth in NYC.

Stranger straight approaches
Digs my wheels, makes a motion
Pull out my headphones
expect to say “Hell No”
She greets with a smile
Kindly says, “Hello.”
Asks, “Can you write me a poem?”
Usually my reply is
“Leave me alone.”
But it’s warm so I’m friendly
I grin and consent, she
Gives me a pen and a pad lookin empty
Mind starts racin, hopin’ to pen the
Illest rhyme ever given to a
stranger – I guess I look like
a poet, don’t blame her
Maybe this is my break
My real shot at fame
Wait… I’m out of paper:

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