Green Grape Annex Cafe, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, May 15, 2015
She’s a third grader. I asked about the invisible award. She said, “It was for being creative.” She deserves the invisible one and the visible one too. What a great age – “Awsome things going in my brain.” I am hoping for many invisible awards this month for all the readers. And Happiness and Fun. Thank you Azza, for launching the summer.

Awsome things going in my brain
Perfectly Perfect
Playing Playfully
In the Park
Not a frown in sight
Earning my invisible medal
So happy


Never Ends _

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One Response to Happiness: Azza E.

  1. Omena says:

    Thank You for initiating dialogue and sparking a random act of beautiful expression. I AM grateful
    that she chose my womb to come through.

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