Good evening Ladies and gentlemen--__

A train platform West 4th Street. He was reading a think homemade book. When I looked over his shoulder, I saw that it was full of hand-drawn zodiac signs. The Zodiac killer crossed my mind, just briefly. He sat next to me on the train. I had to ask him. “Yes.” Then he asked if he could write one he wrote a couple of days ago. He did not refer to anything but wrote it out from his head. He was a lefty.

Good evening ladies and gentlemanGood evening ladies and gentlemen____
I would like to speak to you
about the unspoken territories
that speak in the soul of the mind. Only to find that time
is made of soul the mind. Our
life bends as it blends with
chatter leaving those with shapeless
matter as the wind scatters.
Our lives are just the manifestation
of the physical derived from
the spiritual, our lives are
so minuscule yet we think we’re
so Invincible, never listening
to the voice of change this
is the life of the deranged
as we become estranged from
the life of the tamed.
karmic retribution sings
her truthful lesson, paid
with all my indirect expression
I am tested, explored the ore
then get bored. My mind is
drifted to the cosmos where
no one dares to follow, I
am no longer hollow, no
more pills left to swallow.

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