Egg Shells____

Fuel Cafe, The Berkshires, MA, January 3rd, 2014
I asked a man if he’d mind if I used the chair by the window to take a picture (of a poem). He said, “Go ahead with your documentation, or maybe it’s espionage.” I thought for a second, is this a form of consensual espionage? He and his wife are transplanted New Yorkers and she writes and publishes poetry, including Poetry Saved My Life, Trigger Point Press. I hear many discussions on the subject of her poem.

Egg Shells

Child coming back home
as adult,
Doesn’t like the tea pot,
won’t use paper towels,
We have no compost
To throw ourselves,
To roll around with
the carrot peels and
avocado pods,
a place to marinate
turn and replant family.

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