Briefly, Familiar Shades of Grey____

1 train to 96th Street Station, April 27th, 2015

The poets are back! Or they never left? This fellow was magnetic. I saw him as I descended to the platform, and steered right to him. Some people are like that. Maybe it something beyond physical? Or it was the way he was carrying his gear. He looked like he was going on a journey. It turns out he was he his way back to Syracuse. He’s a recent graduate who studied photography and is aiming for an MFA. He works at Light Work in Syracuse. What a bright and open-minded individual. The poets are back! “The wind of mother.” Wow!

Briefly, familiar shades of grey
welcome me

This rapid encounter is filling
These thirsty streets overflow

April’s end brings solace, and again
I head north in anticipation of summer

I have found sound + color and
the wind of mother

I have found love.

This rapid encounter is filling.
These thirsty streets overflow.

Read a poem by Moses H.

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