she asked I loved _________

Bus 4, 116th Street to 79th Street, April 22nd 2015
My neighbor on bus. We talked about magnolias. I said they were tragic. Then we discussed the looney on the train who couldn’t stop saying “bitch.” And we discussed prayer. Then I told him I talk to strangers. He said he does too. Then I asked him to write a poem. He’s getting a Masters degree in Biblical Hebrew. We discussed Aramaic. I enjoyed his company and his poem.

She asked
I loved
We dreamt together
Under the star
Only one star
But not too
From another view

She asked
I hated
We dreamt apart
Under the sun
We two
One fighting pair

She asked
I gave
The hardness went away
We loved
We two
Together in a zoo
With everyone
That loved and gave
And gave again.
And let the hatred go.

Read a poem by Jacob N.

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