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Poems by New Yorkers posting on holiday from Fuel in the Berkshires. July 28th, 2014
First encounter: driving. I was on the road. He was pulling out. We connected. He came up to me at Fuel and identified himself as the driver. I asked him to write. He’s a young world traveller – college-bound – and an anxious writer who has trouble with first drafts.

It’s all built up
this world around me
all filled, constructed.
with brands and mind sets
comparisons of better and
worse, good and bad, in and
out, rich and poor, powerful
and weak.
I see strangers walking
by strangers, staying strangers
minds occupied by
government or art…
Misplaced loyalties and mis-
placed hate. We who have
‘genuine’ cares but have never
been shone a better way
of living. A different way
factory’s and exclusive
products, cars planes phones
money jobs.
There is a life, out there,
of harmony. it was here,
before Columbus.
This land has a native way.
Of love and survival and
sacred reciprocity with the earth
a true, spiritual life.
I will find it, and live it.
Or be lost.
Forever wandering
paved streets, mad with longing
and screaming for love.

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