Bombardier is the name---

2/3 train, 96th Street to Clark Street, March 27th, 2014
Another two for one. An overcrowded train. The shortest among us needed access to the vertical pole so I was stuck with clinging fingertips on the high rail. A tall woman kindly volunteered to switch. She could easily reach the center rail. Center rail? We all marveled. I guessed that the newer Bombardier trains had them, and we had never noticed. It was a good time to mention the poetry project. It turns out short and tall were friends. Such wonderful women: warm, enthusiastic, intelligent, both singers, friends from cantorial school.

Bombardier is the name
How amazing it is to meet
     in this train
Two wonderful women
  with arms stretched tall,
A singer, a poet and
  another so small
Holding the rail
straphangers all
a NYC moment

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One Response to Bombardier is the Name: Suzanne S.

  1. What a wonderful project. Have to try this on the bus since there is no subway system in Israel yet.
    Yishar koach.
    Suzanne-wish we could ride the train together and write about it. Trains count on accidental encounters.

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