I ride my skateboard and I feel free_-__-

4 train 42nd Street to Borough Hall, April 22nd, 2015
I had to ask these young men. They looked interesting and their conversation was so thoughtful. But they were across the way. That’s not easy. That means I have to ask a little louder than usual. And teenagers can be tricky. I did not know that the nearly the entire train knew them. They were riding with the girls softball team of their public school in the Bronx. The woman next to me was the coach and science teacher. She had to be thinking, “What is this crazy woman doing” but she did not interrupt or let on. Kalvin (at left) was on the fence. After some negotiating, he said he’d like to, but he wasn’t comfortable writing it himself. I suggested that he dictate it to his friend Moses. That is what is captured in the photograph. What a smart fellow and nice person.

I ride my skateboard
and i feel free
My pain and horrors
are behind me

There’s nothing but road
and possibilities
of meeting new people

And by doing that
you start to know yourself.

Read a poem by Starlite H.

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