rhymes are my thing_--__

G Train, Hoyt Street-Schermerhorn Street Station, January 12th, 2015
The MS 8 series of poems by 6th graders.
During one of the my three class presentations, Rodney sat in the front row. He was playful and a little disruptive. I said, “Hey, you. I sense that you have a poem in you.” I hadn’t yet surprised them on the train and they had no knowledge that they would be asked to write on their field trip. I heard that he was pleased with the result: “She was right. I did have a poem in me!” It was obvious. In this case it took a pen, a sense of humor, and the opportunity to write one.

Rhymes are my thing
Didn’t say I sing,
I always do my best
and have great success,
like MC Ricky
better hope you see me,
until next time
hope you enjoy the Rhymes.

Read a poem by Daun J.

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