looking back the nights were long____--_

4 train 42nd Street to Borough Hall, April 22nd, 2015
Moses (at right – a junior in high school) agreed to write down Kalvin’s poem, but he wasn’t comfortable writing one himself. He was curious and engaged in helping his friend. When Kalvin was done, I said, “I’m really impressed. That was very brave. It’s hard to say yes, and you did it in front of a train full of people. That is a sign of intelligence.” That pushed Moses over the edge. He asked if he could write one too. He didn’t want to regret it later. I have seen many people want to write but most can’t turn it around like Moses did. Smart guys. Nice team. I hope they won the game.

Looking back the nights were
long, i’ve should of known
that i was wrong. In the dark
i lost my way, until you
came. i hope you stay.

Read a poem by Kalvin K.

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