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2/3 Train, Fulton Street to 96th Street, November 10th 2014
I caught the word “poetry” on one of the pages of the book he was reading, plus he smiled at me when I stepped into the car. I’m not inclined to interrupt a person who is reading – at least not lately in my shy phase – so I waited. When he took a break, I asked. Look at the slope of the writing on the page! It’s a poem but it’s also a drawing. He works at B & H by day, and maintains a writing practice on the subway. He also blogs about gaming and education, and writes about Crown Heights. In an email to me he coined the term “subway writing community.” That it.

Jagged edges
 sharp corners
  cold – emotionless
   but quiet
    A presence they have
     which can’t be ignored
      sometimes hot, spicy even
       changing all the time
        sometimes blue and
         sometimes red
          sometimes smiling, and
           other times crying
            the frame
             with the picture on my
              whispers so much.
              It is an abyss of emotion
              of internal awareness
              that frees us to
              accept what is behind the
              smile in the picture.

Read a poem by Nasir A.

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