feed your cat with a click of the mouse_---

6 train to 33rd Street. Friday March 21st
Not a stranger: my daughter. But her mind is sometimes a stranger. I couldn’t resist. 🙂

“Feed your cat with afeed your cat with the click of a mouse--
click of the mouse”
“get pet food at your
very own house”
don’t go to your pet
store got to wag.com
getting pet food at
home is really da-bomb

but i don’t like cats
I’m allergic you see
kitty litter’s yucky
because it has pee

I want a blue giraffe
do they have food for that?
they only have food
for a dog or a cat

Blue giraffes eat
grass that’s made in
And grown with
the finest chicken
What color is it?
Well duh it’s green
but every fortnight
it has a purplish

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