all the way to the top-----

C train, March 20th, 2014
A rare one!! Mother and son writing at the same time. Total enthusiasm from both writers. Super touching. My first two for one interaction. Lynette wrote this down so I will too:

Lynette V.

All the Way to the Top!

As I ride the train
on my life journey I
sometimes think, “What
is my life purpose.” I live
for many things, my son
my career and my health.
Life is what you make
It. I’m a 9 yr Cancer
Survivor that made my
way to the top. All
need I need is goals. A simple
train ride can change
your life. Take an adventure
you never know what
you will learn.

Dehemiah V.

Violence is no good to you I
would like to say to you to
never do violence for your
own sake let’s do this
for Jesus he would be delighted
of you so like I said never
do violence. It will do good to

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